Hospitality Services

Manpower Outsourcing in our Facility Management Service Portfolio Covers deploying trained Housekeeping and Facility Management Staff which includes: Receptionists, Drivers

Operations and Maintenance

As per present day requirement of Maintenance of Highways specially under the system of PPP National Highway Development programme, the maintenance requirements need special emphasis. We offer..


Manned guarding/ Electronic Security Services implies providing guarding & security services in client premises against unauthorised access or occupation and guarding property against destruction and damage.


We have a distinctive working approach and a win-win value proposition for each of our clients across projects. We work as partners and not as outsourcing vendors. We build rigorous processes and train the team for increasing the project revenues from every “non-exempted” vehicle passing the toll plaza and to minimise exemptions. Our approach helps our clients to reduce their cost and minimize the escalations of the Project NHAI/ICs.