Chairman Message

FairwaysToll., Ltd is striving to provide the highest level of highway operation and customer service. The numbers of our customers, both passenger and commercial vehicles have increased year on year. This can be attributed to a combination of engineering and operation management strong traffic volumes on the highway operated by FairwaysToll.

FairwaysToll continues to monitor and update the original pavement renewal strategy and major maintenance contracts are tendered based on this strategy. The management team provide excellent service to the traveling public by maintaining the Pondicherry Tindivanam Tollway and Hyderabad – Karimnagar – Ramagundam Stretch Toll & Route operations as a first class highway facility.

Moving forward, FairwaysToll strives to continue to provide customer orientated operation management and a well-maintained roadway for a safe and quality driving experience.

S Reddy
Group Chairman